Everything I wore on this outfit is thrifted and preloved. Uhm, not exactly. Except for my necklace, bracelet and belt. :)

This was what I wore last Saturday when I went to a caroling rehearsal of my organization which turned out to be unorganized and we ended up with 5 officers only who participated the said rehearsal. Tss.

Oops! Sorry for the messy background (the calendar ruined it! haha)
The brown blouse which I styled as a blazer on my white tank top was from Juhlang, I don't even know that clothing brand (or is it even a clothing brand or something? Anyway...) but that's what I saw on its label.

That pair of ragged jeans is almost 4 years old. Haha and it still fits on me perfectly! Tss, my body size never improved. xD Jeans from URight Jeans.

My overused aztec choker from a thrift store called Aizelym. The store is located just a few blocks away from our main school campus and they sell accessories and jewelries for an affordable price.

I love this oh-so adorable 'vintage' shoes from I don't know where because this was just bought from a thrift shop. The shoes was actually bought on purpose of my younger sister's musicale competition in their school.

Oh well, that's just another heck of an outfit post. Thanks for reading (if there's any).
So long! :3


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