Yes I'm back! Thanks to the holidays, it gave me time to blog again (for the mean time I suppose). Here comes another outfit post with my ridiculously un-photogenic face haha!

Basic fashion
Basic fashion
Basic fashion

Basic fashionBasic fashionCrystal point necklace
Crystal point necklace
AA tote bag
Basic fashion
Voss sparkling waterVoss sparkling water

Thanks to this guy for always accompanying me on all my agendas. xoxo haha


Most of all, I would always be forever thankful for having a job already since it makes my current living more convenient and lets me shop for more new clothes haha! Talk about being an aspiring lifestyle/fashion blogger.

I am looking forward to consistent and interesting posts to show to you guys, so keep posted!

Cropped top - Forever 21 | Joni Jeans inspired - Joni Ripped Jeans (IG: @jonnirippedjeans) | AA inspired tote bag and Birkenstock inspired mandals - Style Snap Mnl (IG: @stylesnapmnl) | Crystal point/Hex stone pendant - Accent Archive (IG: @accentarchive) | Sunnies - Sunnies Studios | VOSS sparkling water - Water Manila (IG: @watermanila)


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