Tomo Cafe Cebu Entrance

I just recently discovered this cafe and I instantly fell in love with it not because it is an anime themed cafe (I am not into anime) but because its interiors are white. White is love. Also black. 😊

Tomo Cafe Attack On Titan Walls

This is absolutely cool. These are the walls in the famous anime Attack On Titan. They are intentionally positioned in a way that resembles the wall layers from the said anime show.

We were the first people to come, I think. I even thought there's no one around because it was really quiet.

Tomo Cafe

I'm about to show you guys what the place looks like inside.

Tomo Cafe
Tomo Cafe
Tomo Cafe Anime Poster Bulletin Board

They have this bulletin board of different anime posters. Cool.

Tomo Cafe Miniatures
Tomo Cafe Miniatures
Tomo Cafe
Tomo Cafe
Tomo Cafe
Tomo Cafe
Tomo Cafe
Tomo Cafe Cold Beverages
Tomo Cafe Food

It was lunch time so this was what we ordered.

Omu rice.

Tomo Cafe Chicken and Fries

And their I-don't-know-whatever-it's-yummy chicken and fries dish.

Tomo Cafe Omu Rice

The lighting was just right. Just perfect.

Tomo Cafe
Tomo Cafe

It was really hot outside so I didn't bother sitting on the benches.


Obviously I was with my sister, Junalyn, because I can't go there alone because no one will take my pictures for me. Hahahahaha. And unfortunately, there was no one cosplaying at the time. Too bad because that was one of the things I was actually looking forward to. Anyway, the place is pretty good so you should go there. It is located at M. Cuenco Ave., Nasipit, Talamban just a few meters ahead of USC TC. We rode the 13C jeepney in getting there.

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  1. That omelet with rice looks amazing! What is seasoned with? The anime poster board was super cute haha!


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