Who would've thought someone's gonna be doing a techie review in a fashion blog? I sure didn't but here I am and I'd be happy to share with you my experience! Technically, anyone can review anything as long as they are actually using it and that's what I'm about to share with you, guys. As you may have known, I am currently participating in the DigitalPro Bootcamp initiated by the Cebu Blogging Community. In line with this, the bootcampers were given free Globe Tattoo 4G Mobile Wifi together with some other perks from one of our partners, Globe Prepaid. It's a privilege to be a part of this broadening program for bloggers that want to take their blogs to the next level, such as myself.

Back to the topic, my new Globe Tattoo 4G Mobile Wifi has brought a lot of help to me in my everyday duties such as staying connected to my social channels, getting updated with the latest news and trends and most importantly, blogging itself.


Model: HUAWEI E5220
Cost: Php1,495
 Enjoy speeds up to 12 Mbps2
Connect up to 10 devices

The box includes the Mobile Wifi, Battery, Sim Card, Connector/Cable and Quick Start Guide.

The mobile wifi was pre-loaded with GoSurf999 where we'd to enjoy 5GB worth of internet data for 30 days. Plus, we are also to enjoy FREE Spotify Premium or HOOQ + FB + Games + YouTube + Dailymotion + HOOQ trial*, a FREE 1GB Spotify or HOOQ Allocation and a FREE 100MB Games Allocation.

Mobile wifi connection depends on signal strength, so if the location you are currently at has good reception, then your internet connection should be pretty fast, otherwise it might not perform as expected. So far, the reception in my place is alright.

Personally, I've never purchased any pocket wifi device hence everything's really new to me and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The installation was definitely hassle-free though. All I did was access the IP address of the mobile wifi, login, and configure my desired settings just like modifying my wifi name and password. It was a no-brainer at all. The moment I connected to my wifi connection, the speed was pretty okay. Honestly, it wasn't that fast neither too slow. Again, it was okay. Sometimes at some places, my wifi connection tends to act up and I couldn't connect at all. But remembering that this device is signal-based, then maybe it was just about the reception.

However, I personally don't use much of my mobile wifi because most of the time, I am at work and more often I'm just doing my office work and don't really use my phone that much. Also, we have a wifi connection at home, but I gotta say that sometimes, it really disappoints me. Good thing I already have my own pocket wifi connection now as my backup. 

As a non-power user, the 5GB internet data is more than enough for me to use. I don't really download or upload stuff that much so that really saves up some hefty amount of data. But the 5GB internet data would exhaust in a month so I'd still definitely putting it to good use.

My conclusion would be that I recommend the device if you are on a tight budget and not a heavy internet user. But before you purchase, always check the reception in your area if it's good enough to provide you a  decent connection. As far as I am concerned, the internet connection in the Philipines isn't really up to par with the global standards, so it's really normal that some of us might be experiencing connectivity issues. Moreover, a pocket wifi is really reliable if you are always on the go. A quick tip, always put your pocket wifi inside a small pouch or box especially if it's white because it easily gets dirty when it's placed on surfaces.

If you want to watch a more detailed review about the device, make sure to watch Ramz' video post about it. It'll sure be a big help! Thanks a lot as well to him for helping me with the review.



  1. to be honest lang ha hindi po sya malakas talaga.

    1. Sometimes yes, but depending on the location, may times din talaga na malakas ang wifi internet connection gamit ang device na 'to. :)

  2. The product is good for someone who does things online for business purposes only like browsing, email and online document work. But for a heavy user(like someone who watches movies and videos almost 24/7), it's not ideal. 800MB to 1GB cap per day is not enough and it's not just that, if you are subscribed to their mobile postpaid plans, you only get 3-4GB per month overall (Yes! you'll end up using all your data allocation in just 3-4 days and you're left with a crappy internet speed just like a 90's DIAL-UP. I don't recommend Globe. Not to mention the False Advertisement on their pocket wifis, they need to inform the people that their 4G pocket wifi is not the same as 4G-LTE pocket wifi. I know a lot of people who bought 4G modems thinking that it's LTE but it's not. (It's not just Globe but all of them, :sigh:)


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