We all have heard this at some point: "There's an app for that!" True enough, there seems to be an app for almost everything, and that is by no means an understatement. Even those in search of great skin care products, services, or just tips and tricks are now utilizing mobile devices and apps. Mobile technology has massively increased the value of many beauty brands over the years, and even the consciousness of people on their looks and appearance has increased in correlation to technology.

Mobile has come a long way in providing not only entertainment to its users but also useful apps that people can rely on when browsing for information. Gaming Realms, the company behind successful recreational sites that offer popular gaming titles, says that games account for only 50% of mobile usage, which means smartphone devices are utilized for a lot for things, such as researching beauty and skin care tips.

If you're one of the people who research a lot in order to make their skin look beautiful, here are three apps for you.

This app has over 150,000 skin care products, complete with recommendations of some that are best for a specific skin type and lifestyle. It keeps a record of what products users have used and experienced so people won't have to buy again something that they didn't like. It's free to use, and people can make a review of the products they use using the app.

Organic Spa Magazine Skin Care Guide
Organic Spa Magazine Skin Care Guide contains a list of companies that make natural and organic beauty products. In the past, the list of brands was relatively small but since the demand for organic products spiked several years ago, the list has expanded tremendously. This app is perfect for those who only support companies that advocate for organic ingredients in beauty and skin care products. 

Natural Beauty Recipe
Do you like the idea of using herbs, fruit, or anything else that you can find in your backyard or kitchen to help your skin look great? Natural Beauty Recipe is an app that provides a list of beauty products that you can concoct for yourself using common everyday things. There are step-by-step produces showing users how to make masks, massage oils, moisturizers, facial scrubs, and much more while also providing users with the ingredients needed.


  1. Thank you so much for this post!! It's incredibly useful for a skincare junkie like myself. Will definitely check out all of these apps.


  2. That's a great app to use.
    I should be downloading it now.
    Thanks for share.

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