What else to style our bags but with some hints of trendy designed handles and ribbons especially during the summer season where vibrant colors are on the go. One of these days, you might get tired of how dull your bag looks like and you just want to bring it back to style without really spending too much. Good thing, a lil pop of floral rejunivated my bag's current condition with the help of Oh My Bag PH. Oh My Bag PH is an online shopping store mainly for bag care products. They basically sell bag shapers, handle wraps, stuffers and dust bags. They live by the perception:

"Because a beautiful bag makes a beautiful day!"

If you know me, you most likely know how my things look like. Gray. White. Black. These are the core colors of the things that I own. Anything goes with black and good thing Oh My Bag PH sent me their Risabella Black on satin cloth handle wraps. I haven't really realized how handle wraps bring your bag's youthfulness back because of their vibrant pattern designs. These floral handle wraps sure are perfect for my summer go-to fits.

Since I don't have a handbag, I grabbed my mom's and it perfectly matched with the handle wraps. As you noticed, I didn't wrap the hand wraps because first, the handles of the bag are too long and the handle wraps didn't fit, and second, it pretty much looks adorable this way, for a change! Haha. So I just made a ribbon and tied it around one of the handles of the bag and it looks really pretty. But the main function of the handle wraps, as the name suggests, is to protect the handles of your bag from getting worn out by wrapping it around them and at the same time, adding additional style and color.

Bags are really a big deal to some of us girls and taking care of them is top priority. Aside from keeping our bags in good shape, we also need to make sure that they stay presentable because they also represent and say a lot about our style. Our bags need protection from constant handling for they're more than just our arm or shoulder candies.

Oh My Bag not only has a variety of chic designed handle wraps but they also have a lot more bag care products in store for an affordable price, just for you! Now, if bags are really a big deal in your daily lifestyle, grab your own bag raincoats, stuffers, handle wraps, filer, base shapers or dust bags only at Oh My Bag PH

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  1. what an awesome way to jazz up your bags and your look! thanks for sharing

  2. Very cool way to customize a bag!;)

  3. They're so beautiful, I never thought of styling up my handbag. It really just adds a personal touch to your outfit!

    Sally - DiagonSally

  4. This seems like such an awesome little website, thank you for sharing! I love the floral wraps, you are right - they can completely transform the whole look! :) x x


  5. Awesome bags, I love both, thank you for sharing!!!


  6. It looks really nice and I think it's a perfect and unique touch for the summertime :)
    Also your website is really pretty ^^ it's so clean and professional!

    Have a nice day!

    xx Alina

  7. I love it ;)

  8. beautiful bag )
    please follow my blog : YOUNG BLOG

  9. I love the idea of accessorising your bag - I had a pompom on my bag for a little and now it's my keychain. So pretty, thanks for featuring x

    Margarita Chi | MARGARITACHI.CO

  10. nice tips! thanks for sharing
    have a great day

  11. The handle strap is pretty! It adds so much more chicness to the handbag! Thanks for sharing! <3

    Chlariss | Silent Dances And Glasses

  12. Love this so creative!

  13. Super cute idea!


  14. This is soo cute!!! i love tying things to my purse!

  15. Super cute idea! I wanna try it too! :)

    xx Jamie| With Love, Jamie

  16. Love this! makes the bag look fun!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  17. That wrap is so cool! Love the floral print and how well it matched your bags - I would have never known it didn't come with them!

    xo, mikéla /


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