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I am Katherine Anne Cutar. Currently in the ripe old age of 22. I am a proud Cebuana of the Republic of the Philippines. If you like cats, high-waisted jeans, detective movies/TV series, spontaneous trips, indie music, and anything mint+chocolate, then we’ll get along just fine. As I've mentioned, I love cats but I can't have them at home atm because my mom has allergic reaction to their fur. I'm in love with neutral colors as it is depicted on my blog design and outfits. Though, my alter ego's favorite is mintgreen. And uhm, I... (here's the part where I seem to forget who I am... *mental blocked, amnesia mode*) I have a short attention span (which is reflected on my sudden blog layout changes). I believe that one key to a happy career is to concentrate on winning rather than on winners. I don't have any close friends at all whom I could just call immediately and tell "I'm bored, let's go out and get some frappe". Well, except for my boyfriend. And I think that's kind of the same thing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my not-so-daily dose of life + style blog posts with random ramblings and whatnot. If you want to know more about me, please feel free to message me on Messenger or DM me on Twitter. Don't get intimidated with my resting bitch face, I'm actually friendly. Haha! It would be really nice knowing you. :)

I have failed so many times in my still-shortly-spent life but I promise I will succeed more than twice of failing it. Keepin' the spirit high!


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